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Guide Service and on the water instructions in bass fishing tactics for trophy bass or for winning tournaments. All aspects of tournament and trophy bass strategy are taught. Swimbait techniques, bass locations, sonar, boat positioning, time management and tactics, running tides, landing fish, proper rods and reels for each technique, and all the ins and outs of bass fishing and sponsorship. Not just a guide trip.  See videos and watch what we do here >

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Steve vonBrandt

Site Owner


Please post your comments about the site below. Tell people a little about your experience here and why you like the site, what you have learned, and why you make Tackle Warehouse and other purchases here and keep coming back. Thanks and tight lines, The Staff 


Bob “Clyde” Waldo


I have been a Bass College member since September of 2013 when I got back into fishing after many years away from the sport. Bass College has been key in re-igniting my passion for bass fishing. I have learned new techniques, how and when to use certain rod, reel, line and bait combinations, and have vastly improved my skills in locating and landing more and bigger largemouth bass.

Along the way I have made many friends, have been part of a tight-knit, knowledgeable community of serious fisherman, and I’ve even received some pretty cool baits and accessories through the free baits program and a Christmas exchange among members. I’ve given back by donating gear to be distributed to those in need, and have been recognized by Bass College for my efforts in supporting the site and its’ members. The affiliation with Tackle Warehouse gives me access to a great online bait and supply resource, all the while giving back to me with the free baits program.

In Bass College, Steve has created a community that is hard to match from the standpoint of its body of knowledge, friendliness to members of all levels of experience, and ability to develop ones skills as an angler.

Bob aka “Clyde”


The “Clyde” in Blood Baits by Clyde

WOW, I dont even know where to start. Since i was introduced to this site, i have had my head buried in every article, video, and report. There is so much on here and all it takes is for you to just go down the list. haha. There has been times on the water, where i wouldnt have caught a single bass that day if it weren’t for a technique i learned from this site. The information is on here, you just have to look or ask. I post reports on this site as a way of building my writing skills and help other members with catching fish.

Another great thing about this site is the Free bait program with Tackle Warehouse orders. Not only does it help me get free baits but it also helps kids and other military members get free baits. If im already going to spend the money on tackle, why not earn myself and others free baits while im at it.

The members of this site are fantastic. You could not find a better group of people anywhere. The members are what makes this site what it is.

The prostaff here are willing to help in anyway they can. If you need LIVE help over the phone, they will call you. If you want to know a specific bait to use for a certain situation, they will tell you.

Hog Snatcher

I found T.B.C through u-tube watching fishing tip videos……..I watched many different types for different ways to fish ect……I found that even though they didn’t have the production as say Pro team journal had……..they had something more important included……..knowledge……Steve,Kurt and Tom explained in detail what how and why……..I started punching in The bass College on U-tube and eventually joined the club……..The free baits program is just fantastic for you……the site……and if you choose to donate…..good for the recipient it`s a win for all!

The members are top notch in both knowledge and being friendly…….I do recommend and talk about the site to people often!


I have been on the site about 3 years now. I joined up because i knew Steve had just started it up not to long before i joined, and i knew him from his exploits in Delaware pond fishing. I was impressed with all the local info. on the eastern shore. The videos and live information you receive from this site is great! I have personally been fishing with Steve, and he doesn’t B.S. he practices what he says!  And by clicking through this site for Tackle Warehouse or Bass Pro, you get free baits with each order! Just by clicking through the site! You can’t beat that anywhere! I donate all my free baits back to the Kids program the site has in place. But you don’t have to and you will get some great baits directly from Steve! All said and done, you can’t get Free info. anywhere else that is this good! TBC is the place to be, if you want to improve yourself as a Bass angler no doubt!